Relationships are our currency, building them is our trade. The legislative landscape is constantly changed and shaped by term limits — which is why we invest in relationships. By cultivating our relationships with key decision-makers at each level of government, we bolster our ability to leverage our investments on behalf of your issues.

Government Contracts & Procurement

Obtaining and maintaining government contracts can be intimidating, but is a highly lucrative endeavor for any business. In order to be successful in this sector, you’ll need an experienced guide — someone who is intimately familiar with the intricacies of the government procurement process. Let us help you navigate the ins and outs of both obtaining and maintaining government contracts, so that you can move forward in success and peace of mind.

Government Business Strategies

Our collective 60 years of experience in both business and government means that we know our industry from the inside out. Our abundance of first-hand knowledge not only lends a unique perspective to the issues facing our clients, but provides us with insight as to how governments approach them. We can help you develop strategies that increase your influence, solve your most pressing policy dilemmas, and let you focus on what you do best: leading your business.

State & Local  Government Representation

We know that missing a development is simply not an option, which is why we stay alert and aware of your issues. We offer legislative monitoring regarding bill introductions, major amendments, priority designations, interim studies, and committee and floor action. Through our continuous contact with senators, staff, executive branch officials, trade associations, and other skilled industry professionals, we provide you with up-to-the-minute information regarding essential issues before the Nebraska Unicameral.

Regulatory Compliance

Relationships between businesses and government are lucrative, necessary, and laden with rules and regulations that can greatly impact your commercial interactions. Our experience has gifted us with the knowledge we need to comply with (and even utilize to your advantage)  those regulatory hurdles. We are here to provide strategies and solutions that signal success for your business, while avoiding the pitfalls and penalties that result from a misunderstanding of regulatory compliance.

Strategic Communications

Public officials are flooded daily with documents of varying importance — this means that your communications are at risk of drowning in this information overload. With our leading-edge approach to communications, we can help you stand out from the crowd. Our communications services include media relations, trade/industry publications, and social media. We are dedicated to communicating your message clearly and concisely, and in a way that will make a lasting impact.