Attorney & Legislative Counsel
Experience, action, and an intimate knowledge of the legal elements of our industry are only a small percentage of the qualities that make Ron Sedlacek a vital member of Catalyst Public Affairs.  Ron brings a unique perspective to our firm.

With an extensive and varied career history, Ron has played an integral role in many high-profile cases and held important positions in Nebraskan organizations. His experience includes (but is far from limited to) directing Nebraska state legislative affairs for the National Federation of Independent Business, and representing Crown, Cork & Seal, Asurion LLC, and the Papio-Missouri River Natural Resources District in the passage of affirmative legislative measures by the Nebraska Unicameral Legislature.

Ron has served as vice chair on the Nebraska Volunteer Service Commission from 2009-2010, as well as continuing his involvement in organizations like the Salvation Army Advisory Board, St. Vincent DePaul Society, and University of Nebraska College of Law. His dedication to his field and the advocacy for his clients are qualities we are thrilled to have represented here at Catalyst Public Affairs.

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